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Project TE70: A day at TKA Motorsport, coilover upgrades

Despite the drift and motorsport action and all, I’m a total newbie myself when it comes to car setup, and you know technical stuff.

I’ve been driving my TE70 for nearly a year plus with all the gymkhana, driving to work, drift practice, competitions, touge, track days, even Hooning around sometimes. I have totally no idea what was it until my mechanic friend from Monster Autoworks, told me that my TE70′s front and rear coilovers are all wasted for sometime already.

That is why the TKA brothers were so shocked when they first saw my TE70′s coilovers condition, with that condition I might be in deep trouble if I’m not careful enough with my cornering and some drift actions. My whole car is running as if it was without suspension systems, hoping around unpredictably while tripped on a tiny stone, zero damping from the coilovers.

So I’ve bought a TKA custom rear coilover a month ago, and its time we plugged it in on this babe. My day started when we went to a chop shop to pick up some sweet deal with Dennis from TKA Motorsport.



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New Year New Shocks for Project TE

Many thanks to TKA Motorsport for their support in making our Motorsport Division more and more better!
Their the best Absorber Tuning Specialist in Northern Malaysia, and one of the best in Malaysia as well.
I’m preparing for the full write up and coverage of the whole upgrading process.

So Stay tuned for more juicy updates! ^^

TKA Custom Banner

Drift Diaries 3 Teaser Video

Full video coming soon!!!

A cheaper way to in-car video capture

Capturing precious moments during action means the world to all of us. We all do understand owning a good sports camera like GoPro is gonna cost you a big hole in your wallet! We might get ourselves 1 GoPro camera to fit on our car or even on the fender shooting the wheels in action, but what about the in-car video capture?

Some might go for a crappy china made sports camera with 3megapix or 5megapix, depending on their online review, they are a cheaper way for some that doesn’t mind the quality as long as they get their video captured.


Well, we might be able to do a little bit more with our smartphones, rather than letting them laying in our pockets or bag. All you need is a helmet, an iPhone or any smartphones with their in-car holder. You can get the in-car holder from any smartphone accessories shop near you or you can get it from eBay for only a merely $2.99 or $5.99 depends, I would recommend the one I bought from eBay that is with adjustable neck.

Myself would recommend the adjustable neck version, it’s way more convenient for angle adjusting rather than just a single direction point and shoot angle.


From the picture below you can see that my iPhone 5 is properly hold with the camera point out, we can always hold it reverse way so the neck won’t be in the way blocking the view.


This will be how I mount it on with my iPhone 5.IMG_4758



We’ll be having our Sunday drift practice this coming Sunday! Can’t wait to try it out during drift action!

Stay tune for our video update!


Post by Justin Cheah

Photographed by Justin Cheah

Unboxing the Gran Turismo6 15th Anniversary game

So glad to be one of the Gran Turismo®6 15th Anniversary special edition collector, as I’m writing this post to share the joy of unboxing this treasure.

Check out the photos from below…

Couriered by FedEx

Couriered by FedEx

Purchased the Pre-Order ver. through PLAY-ASIA.COM

Purchased the Pre-Order ver. through PLAY-ASIA.COM

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Malaysia Super Lap Battle Rd.2


On the 24th of November 2013, a small group of people from Threshold Garage decided to head down to Dato Sagor Circuit to compete in Malaysia Super Lap Battle Rd.2. Everyone was in high spirit the entire week before the competition by getting their cars and also mental ready for race day. We would also like to thank to Jetron Racing for giving us a lot of support in this particular race as well.

Everyone started their journey down to Kampung Gajah early on Sunday morning and the first half of the journey wasn’t really pleasant has the heaven was pouring down on us all the way and we also spotted a bad accident just right after Penang Bridge as well. Lucky that all the participants manage to get to the destination without much hassle.


Upon arrival I’ve already begun to see familiar faces, some I haven’t seen in years and its always fun to catch up with old friends, to know what have they been doing over the years and to see their newly bought or upgraded rides. After registration and small chats with friends it’s time for us to get our rides ready for the first time attack run of the day.

Instead of the normal clockwise circuit which everyone is familiar with, this time the organizers decided to run in an anti clockwise  manner and to mix things up a bit there was a purpose build chicane at the back straight to help slow down car speeds. During the first time run everyone was going slow to feel the track and to see their cars behavior on it, as time goes on and noon approaches so did the pick up in lap times, lap times were getting faster and faster as all the drivers were pushing harder and harder after each session.



It wasn’t easy at all, as the competition was kind of though specially for the front wheel drive guys. Everyone was dead serious when late noon arrives and everyone is running short of sessions and laps, one even pushed so hard that he crashed his car out of the track and into a tree, but thanks to the safety equipment in his car the driver was safe and well.

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Hyundai i20 WRC for FREE!

20131125-054619 pm.jpg
Behold the Hyundai i20 WRC is totally FREE for a limited time only! Grab yours now before its too late!

20131125-054121 pm.jpg

As you can see, this cool WRC car from Korea is worth a whopping 500k to purchase it, there’s a special category for it surprisingly.

20131125-054153 pm.jpg

A look at the rear coolness

20131125-054207 pm.jpg

The top front view of this beauty!

20131125-054222 pm.jpgA perspective view of the car…

20131125-054235 pm.jpg There’s a Time Attack tournament going on now, which is sponsored by Hyundai themselves.

All you have to do is to beat the time of all racers in the world to be in the podium as a champ!

You’ll have to fill-up the form in the Hyundai webpage, and you just might get the chance to witness WRC Live @ Monaco brought to you by Hyundai

Posted by Justin Cheah

Project: Lil Demon | Maiden Circuit Racing


It’s only been like 2 weeks ago when our Lil Demon KE70 when for it’s maiden Drift Competition and now here again it’s being prepare for it’s maiden circuit racing. The event that the demon will be joining is GT Radial Super Lap Battle Rd. 2 which will be held tomorrow at Dato Sagor Circuit, Kampung Gajah, Perak.



I would like to thank Jetron Racing for supporting our Lil Demon again for this round and having faith in us. The Demon was being prepare kind of last minute I would say as the boys at Threshold Garage were busy with other jobs throughout the week. No setting has been done what so ever since the drift competition few weeks back and hopefully but doubtfully it will work out fine as drifting and circuit racing are two different type of racing hence would need a different sort of setup.



Nothing has been done to the setting so far is because we haven never taken the Demon for any sort of proper competitive grip driving and hence we don’t know what it’s lacking on that sense, and as Victor would be the driver for this car tomorrow and from his input he rather leave the car as it was few weeks back like when it was in the drift competition at least his familiar with that particular setup and that from his point of view the car will be more predictable cause it’s been driven hard that way, no point on doing a guess work setup at the eleventh hour where everything is new and untested. For us that seems like a very fair point, so let’s see how our Lil Demon and it’s driver will fair in tomorrow’s GT Radial Super Lab Battle.