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Mean Machines x Auto “X” Gymkhana 2013


Mean Machines was held last weekend at Auto City Juru, for this year instead of just the usual auto show, the boys at Auto “X” Gymkhana manage to organize a two days fun filled with non stop Gymkhana and hoonage action. I have to start by apologizing for the lack of nice pics as I myself was busy prepping my car for the Gymkhana event.



I would also like to thank Pro Spec Motorsports Club for their support over the weekend, if not for them I would already be out of the gymkhana event during day 1, and also to Jackson of Auto “X” Gymkhana for giving me two pieces of tires as well. As all Auto “X” Gymkhana goes the course layout was a fast one and hence a lot of sliding action was expected, it was not only fun for me as a driver, I believe the crowds love it as well.



Other then Gymkhana there were also a massive auto show going on as well, where some of them actually takes a whole year prepping their cars just for this day, so you can always expect someone revealing something massive or just pure insane at times, but anyway it’s always entertaining to an extent.



One of the pure insane is just like this Nissan 180sx which is powered by a 13B Rotary, well it may not be that attractive but how often do you get to see someone swapping out a piston motor just to swap in a rotary? From my experience over the years it’s usually the other way around.



This year I think the Hella Flush or Stance Culture has gotten ever popular as we can see more and more cars with this kind of styling, not to mention Rad Style is also slowly picking up as well as a trend and car culture. I personally would like to see more well build cars around as it’s a testament to our Malaysia automotive/ aftermarket scene.


Over Drive Stance Party 2013

Over Drive Stance Party



Last weekend I joined the guys from Chan Brothers, Big Cartel, and Auto “X” Gymkhana down to KL to join the Over Drive Stance Party which was held at their HQ, the drive down to KL was a very pleasant one without much problems other then some very small mishap which is never a big deal.


Upon arrival to Over Drive’s HQ I was shock with the whole establishment that they have going on and also the cars that did turn up for the Stance Party, the whole Stance, Hella Flush culture just started invaded Malaysia sometime last year and now even on our usual roads I can see a lot of people are going crazy into the whole Hella Flush, Stance culture.



Those Stance guys even manage to build a tri-bike powered by a small motor and they were having fun sliding the tri around, it seems like tons of fun, maybe I should build one for myself to slide around with, should be fun. The reason why I’m caught kind of surprise is I never knew the standard of Stance here in Malaysia has gotten up to I would say the standard that is found in the States and so on.



Other then Stance, I believe the Rad Styles are also catching up fast thanks to the boys from Back Wheel Bitches, I don’t really know them but from my point of view I would say they are really doing a good job by keeping and promoting this sort of new culture, cause let’s face the facts how many of us can actually take part of our car body and make it rust on purpose?




Today the boys over at Engine Up held a Super Taxi Ride at Gurney Plaza in conjunction with the Engine Up Lubricant launch here in northern Malaysia. The taxi ride event started at 12pm and ended at 2pm with tons of people lining up to wait and sit and get a ride in their dream super cars.


The cars that were available for the taxi ride consisting the range of Lamborghini, Ferraris, Porsche, BMW M6 and so on, and maybe that’s why the crowd was going crazy inline while unable to make up their minds in which car they want to go in.



The taxi ride event when on with no hassles at all, while having passengers ranging from small children to senior citizens where all of them were putting on a smiling yet slightly amaze and terrified face after the taxi ride, guess the acceleration G force are more then what most people would have thought it would be.


Even after more then an hour into the taxi ride event the crowd and line just got longer and longer as more and more people found out about what is actually going on. Too bad for some who can’t make it before the 2pm date line but don’t give up hope as there might still be future chances. The Super Taxi Ride might has ended at Gurney Plaza for the time being but this doesn’t mean the party is over, the party is just getting started as the boys at Engine Up will be holding a launching party at Cuvee tonight with free flow of beers. SO LET’S PARTY ON


Racepod Malaysia’s National Drift Series 2013 | Round 3

Racepod Malaysia’s National Drift Series 2013 : Round 3 from Racepod on Vimeo.

Super Gymkhana 2013 Round1


Last Saturday was a very hot day, track condition = dry, Super Gymkhana 2013 was having 2 categories which is the Novice category and Expert category. Everyone had their training since the morning till lunch break, after lunch the fun resume with everyone line-up for taking their best time with 2 runs each to be competing in the qualifying rounds. After the qualifying rounds, all drivers are all separated into pairs to compete in the Twin Battle session, which is the best part of the event, adrenalin pumping in all the driver’s vein.

Through some great battles, our drivers Justin make it to 7th place in Novice category while driver Marcus make it into 3rd place in Expert Category! Congrats to Marcus!

On the 2nd day which is a Sunday, weather was pouring heavily since early morning. On Sunday it was a different story, categories were divided into Front Wheel Drive category (FWD) & Rear Wheel Drive category (RWD).

Everyone over slept due to the comfy chilling weather that the sky had for us, but we decided to get ourselves ready for the big day. Conveniently going to the nearest gas station to fill up some gas and pumped some extra air to the spare rubbers that is ready to be tortured later. The organizer & crews, Threshold drivers, friends all waited for hours for the rain to stop. But the sky shows no sign of it, so we get our gears ready and ran as fast as we could to our cars, and get our day kicking start with some quality wet condition practice.

After the qualifying lap time, there came the anticipated Twin Battles for RWD categories. After some great battles up to the top, at the final battle of RWD, Justin met up with Marcus, Justin driving his Toyota TE71 Corolla while Marcus driving his Toyota AE86 Trueno. 2 Threshold drivers compete each other to determine who’s the winner for the RWD category for Super Gymkhana 2013 Round 1.


Super Gymkhana 2013 is next week! 1st & 2nd June Autocity Penang

For more info, click here.

Super Gymkhana 2013 is exclusively brought to you by Speed House, supported by Golden Highway Auto-City Sdn Bhd, main sponsored by Hyrax Oil & Red Coq,co-sponsored by Beltenick, JPM Motorsports & Getto Vehicle Graphic/Wrap in conjunction of Autocity Carnival 2013.

Location : Juru Auto-City, Penang. (KIA Showroom)


What is Super Gymkhana 2013?
It is a “car park rally” race which involved 2 selected cars running side by side to test your maneuver skill around a series of cones, 180, 360, 720 degree turns, figure eight turns & other obstacles using extreme acceleration, braking & drifting using the “Twin Battle” style layout.

2 days event :
1-JUNE (Sat)= Novice[Class A] & Lady [Class B]

2-JUNE (Sun)= FWD [Class C] & RWD [Class D]


Speed City KL | Drift Series

Before I start my write up we at Threshold Culture would like to thank Threshold Garage, SC Body Kit, Jerry Stickers, and last but not least Pakelo Lubricants for supporting us throughout the 2012 season. We have all been through some ups and downs throughout this season and we also have learn much.

Just recently we have our two official Threshold Culture cars a Cefiro A31 and an AE86 joining a Drift Challenge competition at Speed City KL. We also choose this as a test session for the upcoming 2013 season. The whole day started of by using leaving our lovely Penang island and make the 4hrs journey down to our capital city, Kulala Lumpur. The trip was fair as the weather has been nice to us throughout the journey.


As we arrived and before the first open practice session both our Threshold Culture drivers were feeling slightly nervous as it was their first time on this track and not to mention its their first time hitting 3rd gear before initiating the drift, seriously we really need a track like that here in Northern region.

After a few practice run both Threshold Culture’s driver Victor and Marcus became more and more familiar with the track and speed and was pulling out some pretty nice entry, although they were still struggling to get the prefect line and not to mention some last minute change to the suspension setup to go with the uneven surface on the track.


Old Times | Melbourne GP Part. 1

This is also something I manage to dug up while cleaning up my hard disk. This were taken during last year’s Melbourne GP and I must thanks one of my good mate “Top” for taking all this pics.

Melbourne GP is usually held in March and is mostly the season opener for F1, so its actually one of the interesting round throughout the entire F1 GP season as you will see different constructors showing off their new campaign car and testing them out on the first round, so you can expect to a certain extend of drama happening.

I believe I don’t have lot of pics on F1 cars as their pits were pretty isolated from public etc. But that didn’t really bother me as I can see their cars on TV, F1 official webpage etc etc. But what I would share with you guys instead are the cars behind the scene, cars that were there for showoff and for supporting races throughout the entire event. Why, because I believe without them entertaining the crowd the crowd would have already went home in bored-ness.


Auto Show Meet Up

Recently we attended a small Auto Show which was held at AutoCity, Juru. Well I guess the main purpose for this meet up is to let car modification enthusiast in Penang region to meet up and exchange ideas and opinion. Upon arrival at the place we were already greeted by friendly faces.

The show started from noon till late, although it was just a small scale show, the crowd turn out was pretty good take into consideration that it was raining on and off the entire day. Yes, I know rain and Auto Show don’t go together but that didn’t stop the participants and spectators from having a good time out.

One of our homie Marcus manage to win 2nd place in Perodua Extreme class, so congrats to him, and all those whom participate, as I believe everyone did their best to suite up their cars.


Old Times | Motorvale 2011 Part. 2

Its been like two weeks since our last update on the Motorvale post, as mention before all this pics were found during the clean up of my hard disk so the event is definitely outdated but nice cars doesn’t have an expiry date.

As mention before Motorvale is mainly a showcase of some awesome drag cars but that doesn’t mean the event don’t have a line up of nicely build JDM cars. The Insane Drifters boys sure did a great job by displaying their pride rides.

I guess its time I stop typing and just let you guys enjoy the pics.


Old Times | Motorvale 2011

I was clearing out my hard disk to make some place for some new stuffs and I accidentally found a lot of automotive related pics which I took years before. So I’m going to slowly share all those pics with you guys, as the old saying goes “sharing is caring”

This post is about Motorvale which was held in 2011 if I’m not mistaken. Well Motorvale is a motor show but from the cars that I seen there I feel that its more dedicated for drag fans, but hey nothing wrong in that it means there are a lot of big blocks V8 around for admiration.

As I mention its a drag dedicated show, so I guess a few dragster making its appearance isn’t any surprise for the crowd that was there, but what took the crowd attention was the start up of this marvelous machines, even almost after a year or so I can still remember the roaring and tempering sound those engines made, and trust me they do roar and trample.

Well its not all muscles there were a few JDM cars whom made their way to the show. I can’t really recall which Insane Drifters does this car belong to was it Aggess or Hai? Anyway both of them rocks.


Project: Retro | Act.2 The Shakedown

After our short introduction on our new Project: Retro few weeks ago, we finally got the chance to do some shakedown to the car with a back to back gymkhana events. During the entire event the car was driven by Marcus of SC Bodykit and backup technical support by the boys at Threshold Garage.

During the shakedown we notice that the car is still suffering over massive understeer even after a proper alignment just a day before. The Threshold Garage boys reckons that this is cause by the power steering rack where the power steering pump has been remove hence making the steering much more heavier then the non-power steering version, and to make matters worst they found out that the last 3 keys of the rack isn’t turning, or in other sense the rack isn’t turning to its full potential.

Despite that issue Marcus was still able to come home with a podium finish.

Now that the guys at Threshold Garage and SC Bodykit had done their first shakedown of the car, lets see what are their future plans/ mods that is going to be done to this awesome AE86 for future events and competitions, we at Threshold Culture wish them the best of luck.


Auto “X” Gymkhana | Taken & Edited by Chan Yaw Yaw

Auto X Gymkhana has organized a Gymkhana Competition in Kangar Perlis this year 2012.
There are AE86, MR-S, Cefiro with 1jz, 180sx with 1jz, pickup from Thailand, Penang Drivers, Thailand drivers, are in the videos.

Super Gymkhana Rd.2 | On Board Cam

Here’s an on board cam video of our Project: Monster

Super Gymkhana 2.12 in Auto City this 1st Sept 2012!!!

This is the 2nd Super Gymkhana event this year, with drivers from all regions came to beat their best timing and eliminate the other drivers with the awesome twin battle style during the Top 32 Battle.

Just in case you wondering what’s Super Gymkhana…
It is a “car park rally” race which involved 2 selected cars running side by side to test your maneuver skill around a series of cones, 180, 360, 720 degree turns, figure eight turns & other obstacles using extreme acceleration, braking & drifting using the “Twin Battle” style layout.

Everyone’s welcome!
Its a 2 days event consist of
31 AUGUST (FRI)= Free Practice

Entry fee is RM100-(one person per registration).-sharing car is allowed.
Spectators entry is FREE, come early to secure your best viewing spot.

Each registration will received a FREE T-SHIRT.

Prizes : TBA (Very soon)


1. AWD & 4WD will compete in FWD OPEN (Cool huh?)
2. MID-ENGINE will compete in RWD OPEN

For registration, please contact Speed House via PM/SMS/or call. (019-363-7203)

For more info on the event do visit the event Facebook page here.

Super Gymkhana 2012 (Round 2 out of 3) is exclusively brought to you by Speed House, supported by Golden Highway Auto-City Sdn Bhd, main sponsored by Hyrax Oil & Red Coq, co-sponsored by TBA.

Here are some of the pics from previous gymkhana event by Speed House MY.


Tmn Selat Open Drift Practice

It’s been nearly a month or two since the last drift day we had at Tmn Selat drift ground. Fortunately it’s back in business since 2 weeks ago, Threshold Culture had been rest well during the period, preparing and upgrading our own drift machines. This Sunday will be featuring a sleek classic from our friendly neighborhood New York’s Pizza KE70! If we’re lucky enough, you might catch our very own competition grade Threshold Culture Cefiro in action!

See you guys this Sunday at Taman Selat Drift playground!

Threshold Culture 100k visits Celebration!

100k celebration poster

First of all we Threshold Culture would like to thank all our visitors for their support and their time for dropping by our little website here in

It’s such an honor that we haven’t celebrated our 1st annivesary yet BUT we’re celebrating our 100k visits milestone instead! Special thanks to our brotherhood out there : Dom Dom, Maolianlee, Shitbuddysamuriwengchernipman, Dailan, Percy Mercy, Jeff-ery, Pervert-Halim, Allen No-Block, Zac, Taryn, Zeekay, Daniel koko, Chan Yaw Yaw and many more brothers!

To celebrate our very memorable achievement, we decided to go our local favorite The SOHO Gastro Pub @ Precint 10.


Auto Federation – Part. 1 The Setup

On the 3rd of June 2012 Threshold Culture organized its first ever Auto Federation event in collaboration with Lowered Society. The whole idea of the event is to have a massive gathering within different car clubs in Northern Malaysia, so we would understand more bout other car clubs and exchange new ideas on car modification and so on.

Before we start I would like to extend our thanks to Jerry Stickers for supporting us since day 1, and also for all those who came and participate or just to help out during the event. The setup of the place was easy and fast thanks to Times Square for their cooperations.


FormulaD SEA RD.1 | Speed City KL – Part. 2


We do apoligize for the late update on the Achilles Formula Drift SEA Rd.1 at Speed City KL, as we at Threshold Culture had been busy with a few events at hand, anyhow that will be updated in another post.

Now back to the Achilles FormulaD SEA Rd.1, here at Part.2 we are going to show you more of the action that was going down at Speed City KL that day. The day started off with free practice session and into straight into best 32. For those drivers whom manage to get the top 16 qualify score was exampted from best 32 due to lag of participants.


Right after noon break the best 16 event started with some delayed due to technical issues by ESPN. The top 16 drivers parade was always a thrill to watch and this time for the escort car Chevrolet Malaysia sponsored  one of their Camero.

The tandem drift battle was carried out throughout the day and ended with Daigo “the ninja” Saito taking 1st, Manabu “MAX” Orido taking 2nd, and Malaysians favorite Tengku Djan Ley taking 3rd.


Achilles FormulaD SEA Rd.1

FormulaD SEA RD.1 | Speed City KL – Part. 1


We the Threshold Culture crew made our way down to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to attend FormulaD SEA Rd. 1. We were all hyped up and was extremely eager to enter the gates as we arrived an hour early. Even by standing outside the gates we manag0de to spot tons of nicely built drift cars parking at the parking lot and the owners were also as eager as us for the gates to be open. The first day of the event is mainly dedicated for practice, qualiflying, and something new which is the 36BOL sponsored race “The Nations Cup”. For this year’s FormulaD SEA there were participants from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and also Australia.

The Nations Cup is a new format where two drivers from each country will do a tandem drift together and they will be judge by how synchronize both drivers are.


We’re back! Stay tuned for our Achilles Formula Drift 2012 Rd1 writeup


Here’s a teaser on whats coming up pretty soon,
Stay tuned for our Achilles Formula Drift 2012 Rd1 writeup !!!

Pre-Auto Federation Penang

autofederation_poster visual1

Why wait for the party to come while it isn’t, no worries WE’RE BRINGING THE PARTY TO YOU!!! Here’s your invitation to our 1st and Largest indoor carpark carshow ever in Northern Region Malaysia!

Once again thank you to our Sponsors!