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Feature Car | Nissan Fairlady 280Z

Two weeks ago right before Chinese New Year Threshold Garage took on a job on Danny’s Fairlady Z, and thanks to Danny we have the opportunity to do a photo shoot on his beloved old school Z.

At first glance a lot of people might think that it is the Devil Z as in the anime Wangan Midnight. But then again, this is not the Devil Z as this is a later model also know as the ZX. At first glance we really liked the custom wide arches and those nicely offsets Watanabe rims which give the car a slight “flush” look as now days HellaFlush is really picking up in the automotive scene.

Instead of running the original L20E which is an inline 6 carby engine, the owner decided to swap to an engine from a slightly newer Nissan era which is the RB20DET from a R31 GTS-R. The engine swap did took the owner a few grooving months but once its all done I believe its all worth the wait. I mean why not, the owner has more bhp and more torque right out the box now.

Not to put that new found power the waste the owner also got a Haltech E8 standalone ECU to harness more out of the RB20DET, other then drawing that few extra bhp, one good reason to install a standalone like that on a RB20DET is to get rid of the stock air-flow sensor, cause as far as we know the stock air-flow sensor do like to give up on us easily.


Queens Bay Mall | Motor Show

It was a busy week for us as we covered the Charity Drive on Sat and entered another motor show organized by Queens Bay Mall on Sun. I would like to thank Nigel from JDM Club for informing me bout the events.

And as always Threshold Culture’s RX-7 was there on display with Threshold Culture’s stickers being given out. We hope that during future events we can get more of our Threshold Culture cars to enter, as most of the cars are now under contraction and preparation for an upcoming drift event.

This time around other then sport cars, the organizers also gotten a few classics cars to be on display on that day.

One of our good friend here at Threshold Culture, Melvin Lee brought his 1937 Riley out to be displayed to the general public.


Car Show in a Mall? Part 2

When i got there on the 2nd day, most of the cars were covered in fingerprints. So we started to wipe the cars and even hired a “professional car detailer” to help wipe the smudge off the professional way.

This is the “professional car detailer” and i guess he doesn’t like his photo taken. HAHA! Just kidding Yong! Yong is a proud owner of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V. Maybe i should ask him to let me feature his car on our site one day. Hmmm…

Although we are not professional car detailers, i think we still did a fine job wiping the cars up to an acceptable standard.

This is Danny showing us how to wear the eye massager that was given to us participants by the mall as a token of gratitude. I’m sure he will make a very fun dad to be with.


At The Moment: Fairlady Club Convoy | Cleaner, Greener Penang

At this very current moment when this post is up the members’ of Fairlady Club are having a convoy around the beautiful island of Penang with the JDM club boys to promote a Cleaner and Greener Penang.

Our Threshold Culture crew wasn’t able to make it for the event as we are busy with some projects, but thanks to one of our contributor James for taking the time to go over and get us some shots of the event.

All participants meet up at Esplanade at 9am to collect their respective Cleaner, Greener Penang stickers and do some minor last minute detailing and chit chatting around with other drivers and spectators.

As its organize by the Fairlady Club most of the cars that attended were non other then Fairlady ranging from the classic 280Z to the latest 370Z, definitely a sight not be missed, specially in Penang. If you guys are reading this post now you guys would still have to chance to spot their cars running around Penang island, the convoy artillery is as below:

Padang Kota Lama(start) – Pengkalan Weld – Gat Lebuh Noordin – Jalan Magazine – Jalan Penang – Jalan Burma – Jalan Perak – Jalan Air Hitam – Jalan Masjid Negeri – Jalan Tunku Kudin – Lebuhraya Jelutong – Padang Kota Lama (End)