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Project TE70: A day at TKA Motorsport, coilover upgrades

Despite the drift and motorsport action and all, I’m a total newbie myself when it comes to car setup, and you know technical stuff.

I’ve been driving my TE70 for nearly a year plus with all the gymkhana, driving to work, drift practice, competitions, touge, track days, even Hooning around sometimes. I have totally no idea what was it until my mechanic friend from Monster Autoworks, told me that my TE70′s front and rear coilovers are all wasted for sometime already.

That is why the TKA brothers were so shocked when they first saw my TE70′s coilovers condition, with that condition I might be in deep trouble if I’m not careful enough with my cornering and some drift actions. My whole car is running as if it was without suspension systems, hoping around unpredictably while tripped on a tiny stone, zero damping from the coilovers.

So I’ve bought a TKA custom rear coilover a month ago, and its time we plugged it in on this babe. My day started when we went to a chop shop to pick up some sweet deal with Dennis from TKA Motorsport.




New Year New Shocks for Project TE

Many thanks to TKA Motorsport for their support in making our Motorsport Division more and more better!
Their the best Absorber Tuning Specialist in Northern Malaysia, and one of the best in Malaysia as well.
I’m preparing for the full write up and coverage of the whole upgrading process.

So Stay tuned for more juicy updates! ^^

TKA Custom Banner

Threshold Drift Diaries 3 is OUT! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, Gong Hei Fatt Choy^^

All about our drift activity here in Penang, Malaysia. Sideway is FUN

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A cheaper way to in-car video capture

Capturing precious moments during action means the world to all of us. We all do understand owning a good sports camera like GoPro is gonna cost you a big hole in your wallet! We might get ourselves 1 GoPro camera to fit on our car or even on the fender shooting the wheels in action, but what about the in-car video capture?

Some might go for a crappy china made sports camera with 3megapix or 5megapix, depending on their online review, they are a cheaper way for some that doesn’t mind the quality as long as they get their video captured.


Well, we might be able to do a little bit more with our smartphones, rather than letting them laying in our pockets or bag. All you need is a helmet, an iPhone or any smartphones with their in-car holder. You can get the in-car holder from any smartphone accessories shop near you or you can get it from eBay for only a merely $2.99 or $5.99 depends, I would recommend the one I bought from eBay that is with adjustable neck.

Myself would recommend the adjustable neck version, it’s way more convenient for angle adjusting rather than just a single direction point and shoot angle.


From the picture below you can see that my iPhone 5 is properly hold with the camera point out, we can always hold it reverse way so the neck won’t be in the way blocking the view.


This will be how I mount it on with my iPhone 5.IMG_4758



We’ll be having our Sunday drift practice this coming Sunday! Can’t wait to try it out during drift action!

Stay tune for our video update!


Post by Justin Cheah

Photographed by Justin Cheah

Unboxing the Gran Turismo6 15th Anniversary game

So glad to be one of the Gran Turismo®6 15th Anniversary special edition collector, as I’m writing this post to share the joy of unboxing this treasure.

Check out the photos from below…

Couriered by FedEx

Couriered by FedEx

Purchased the Pre-Order ver. through PLAY-ASIA.COM

Purchased the Pre-Order ver. through PLAY-ASIA.COM


Malaysia Super Lap Battle Rd.2


On the 24th of November 2013, a small group of people from Threshold Garage decided to head down to Dato Sagor Circuit to compete in Malaysia Super Lap Battle Rd.2. Everyone was in high spirit the entire week before the competition by getting their cars and also mental ready for race day. We would also like to thank to Jetron Racing for giving us a lot of support in this particular race as well.

Everyone started their journey down to Kampung Gajah early on Sunday morning and the first half of the journey wasn’t really pleasant has the heaven was pouring down on us all the way and we also spotted a bad accident just right after Penang Bridge as well. Lucky that all the participants manage to get to the destination without much hassle.


Upon arrival I’ve already begun to see familiar faces, some I haven’t seen in years and its always fun to catch up with old friends, to know what have they been doing over the years and to see their newly bought or upgraded rides. After registration and small chats with friends it’s time for us to get our rides ready for the first time attack run of the day.

Instead of the normal clockwise circuit which everyone is familiar with, this time the organizers decided to run in an anti clockwise  manner and to mix things up a bit there was a purpose build chicane at the back straight to help slow down car speeds. During the first time run everyone was going slow to feel the track and to see their cars behavior on it, as time goes on and noon approaches so did the pick up in lap times, lap times were getting faster and faster as all the drivers were pushing harder and harder after each session.



It wasn’t easy at all, as the competition was kind of though specially for the front wheel drive guys. Everyone was dead serious when late noon arrives and everyone is running short of sessions and laps, one even pushed so hard that he crashed his car out of the track and into a tree, but thanks to the safety equipment in his car the driver was safe and well.


Who is Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk?

Project: Lil Demon | Maiden Circuit Racing


It’s only been like 2 weeks ago when our Lil Demon KE70 when for it’s maiden Drift Competition and now here again it’s being prepare for it’s maiden circuit racing. The event that the demon will be joining is GT Radial Super Lap Battle Rd. 2 which will be held tomorrow at Dato Sagor Circuit, Kampung Gajah, Perak.



I would like to thank Jetron Racing for supporting our Lil Demon again for this round and having faith in us. The Demon was being prepare kind of last minute I would say as the boys at Threshold Garage were busy with other jobs throughout the week. No setting has been done what so ever since the drift competition few weeks back and hopefully but doubtfully it will work out fine as drifting and circuit racing are two different type of racing hence would need a different sort of setup.



Nothing has been done to the setting so far is because we haven never taken the Demon for any sort of proper competitive grip driving and hence we don’t know what it’s lacking on that sense, and as Victor would be the driver for this car tomorrow and from his input he rather leave the car as it was few weeks back like when it was in the drift competition at least his familiar with that particular setup and that from his point of view the car will be more predictable cause it’s been driven hard that way, no point on doing a guess work setup at the eleventh hour where everything is new and untested. For us that seems like a very fair point, so let’s see how our Lil Demon and it’s driver will fair in tomorrow’s GT Radial Super Lab Battle.

Taman Selat Penang Drift Practice 17/11/13

[17/11/2013] Our hometown Penang island just had a major marathon event – The Penang Bridge International Marathon, the major marathon didn’t slow our sideway passion down a bit.

Due to the lack of tire supply from my worthy supplier that week before, was hoping that some raining will be very helpful. Hence, checking the weather apps which showed that night will be showering with some rain.

It was a sunny hot afternoon, me with my Corolla TE72 & Victor with his RX-7 FD arrived at the same time, our friend Yaw Yaw came shortly after.

My Corolla TE72 was having some minor tuning done just few days before the recent Pro Spec Inter Club Drift Competition. It was much much better than the day i got this babe, during the competition i didn’t get much chance to actually test her.

Which I’m very excited to test her out that day.

One of the interesting topic of the day, was Yaw Yaw’s Corolla KE70 had an engine swap from a CA18DETT into a SR20 NA.

The best part is in order to have accurate meter readings, he’ll have to fit in the whole Silvia S15 dashboard into this tiny Corolla, which he did quite surprise most of us actually.

The Engine fit right into it quite well and neat, according to Yaw Yaw the engine does response alot better than its turbo ancestor. Some of the runs, Yaw Yaw did quite well in the entry and switching but maybe due to first drift attempt he didn’t went all out on that. We’ll look forward for more in days to come!

On my side, my Corolla suffered lack of torque during low rev due to the 4 throttle setup, her power band is somewhere 4,000 rpm and above. Which is kinda tricky to maintain it in this mini drift course, hence the driver’s skill is put to the test.

First few rounds are a disaster, get all mess-up with understeers and all, Joshua was kind enough to show me how it’s been done until the rear right tire give in. Victor reminded me of the e-brake entry that he thought me before, which was kinda life savior to me, utilizing e-brake entry was good, I had ample time waiting for my car to drift into the position I want with me able to maintain the throttle while waiting. Hence, solving the low rev torque problem by a lil bit.

I still have loads of room for e-brake drift exploration, and setting up my 4 throttle babe. Till then, stay tuned for more updates from us to come. Enjoy the tiny video clip I’ve took while Yaw Yaw is on the move to try out his new SR20 babe.

yawyaw sr20 first drift from ThresholdCulture on Vimeo.

Post Justin Cheah
Pro Spec Club

5 Million children in Philippines needs our help!

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

unicef_haiyan Philippines Children’s Disaster Appeal

UNICEF and its partners have restored water to nearly all residents in Tacloban, the Philippine city so utterly devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. More than 200,000 people in Tacloban and six surrounding districts are now receiving clean water for cooking, drinking and washing.

The urgent, life-saving, emergency effort continues.

Over 5 million children are left affected in the aftermath of the devastating storm, of which 789,000 are displaced. Children are growing increasingly vulnerable to water-borne diseases, separation from family and protection violations such as trafficking, child labour and gender-based violence.

UNICEF is appealing for US$ 61.5 million (RM 190.6 million) to meet the urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of children who fought to survive Haiyan, but now need live saving aid to survive the aftermath.

We urgently appeal for your help so that we can respond to the needs of the children and families most affected by this calamity.

Please donate today! Click HERE

Credits to
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Gran Turismo®6 releasing on 06 Dec 2013 !!!

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo®6 PS3 Cover Art

Polyphony Digital Inc., creator of PlayStation®’s best-selling Gran Turismo® franchise, celebrates their 15th Anniversary with the upcoming Gran Turismo®6 franchise. It will be release on 06 Dec 2013, which is just couple of weeks from now!

Pre-Orders are available through authorized dealers online like Amazon, GameStop, etc. For fellow friends in Malaysia, you can make your pre-orders via It costs about RM299 including Fedex Economy delivery to your doorstep within 3-5 working days after the game is released.

The pre-order of Gran Turismo®6 15 Anniversary Edition includes :

  • Gran Turismo®6 Video Game
  • Special Booklet “Beyond the Apex” (English ver.)
  • Download Contents (Product Codes): 20 types 15th Anniversary Cars & 15th Anniversary Custom Race Suit & helmet
  • 1 Million In-Game Credits ($10)

20 types and specs of 15th Anniversary Cars refer here.

Such DOPE contents from a Pre-Order should never be miss, make your order now!

Info source from


Driver’s Blog | Victor Liew | Pro Spec Drift Challenge


Pro Spec Drift Club held it’s first ever drift challenge on the 3rd of November, and it’s the first drift event held in Penang state since few years ago. Before I start I would first like to thanks my sponsor for this round which is Jetron Lubricants and also a few members from Pro Spec Drift Club for helping me out during dark times and getting my KE70 back in action, and also would like to thanks the guy from BC Machines for their great help over the weekend as they did a very good job keeping the whole event in line.



This was my first drift competition over some period of time and to admit I did feel a bit scare and nervous the day before. The night before the competition while I was heading down to the event ground to help with some setup I actually heard some weird noise coming out from the rear of my car, and at that point all I can do is to tell myself that it’s not coming from the axle and the car will make it through the competition just fine.

The very next day during my journey to the event ground my worst nightmare has became true, the weird noise I heard the night before really did came from the axle and at the eleventh hour all I can do is to cross my fingers and hope that the axle don’t fail on me.



The day started off kind of bad during the practice runs as I did a big by running on fresh new tires and also slightly different tire size which I have never tested out before. But lucky to me I manage to get a feel of the different fast and manage to get the car back into shape and slowly adjusting my lines for all the clipping points. During the qualifying run I didn’t actually did my best but thankfully I still managed to qualify at 7th place.



Right before the start of the Best 16 tandem rounds, the sky decided to pour down on us, hence causing a bit of game plan to all of the drivers as the surface became much more slippery and slightly harder to predict then the dry surface earlier on. I was the the second pair that when onto the starting line during the tandem rounds with Kimie, which is another good local drifter as well. If some lucky and a lot of help from the slippery surface I manage to slip myself into the Top 8 which is a first for me. Too bad I was kick out of Top 8, and I have no complains what so ever as that was totally my fault as I attack to aggressively during my chase run, and I literally took myself out.

Regardless of the the result I personally did had a great day at the event, and I’ll be back to more drift competition and do better next time. Non a less after the entire event is over, we did a small Gang Bang Drift Session and hack that was a hectically fun session as all cars were more a less touching each other from entry to exit, for those drifter who when back early you guys really did miss out a lot of fun.

Also remember guys “KEEP DRIFTING FUN”

Pro Spec Inter Club Drift Challenge

It’s been awhile for Penang to be having any drift competition held in this beautiful state of Malaysia. A lot of our friends were super excited, practice during the weekends, prep their cars, realigning their alignment-toe-cambers, sticker jobs, dealing with sponsors and so on.

From our Threshold Drivers, Justin & Victor Liew joined, there are Melvin, Arthur, David Chan, Jackson, just to name a few. It was a very crowded event, the pit parking area were full around 9am in the morning! Every drifter had their supporter near their car chatting, some has their crew helping them unloading their drift tires to the sidewalk.

Justin with his Jetron tee and jumpsuit in the pit area

The event consist of 21 cars, mostly old school Toyota Corolla KE70 which covered about 98%, 1% consist of old school Toyota Corolla TE71 & TE72, the rest are Nissan Cefiro, all time favourite in drift scene the famous Toyota Corolla AE86 & Nissan Silvia Sileighty, Mazda RX-7 FD, Toyota Corolla KE30. It does almost look like a “Old School Toyota restricted drift competition”! hahaha cause from the pit area you’ll see all Toyota old school lining up, you’ll get the picture.

Justin on his Puma Racing kicks and drift spares

Points to be taken in every proper drift events,
* Always wear proper shoes, no slippers or bare legs
* Always wear long shorts
* Wear racing suit (recommended if fire proof)
* Wear like a Japanese drifters (jumpsuit recommended)
* Put a lot a lot of stickers/ liveries on your car (draw attention of the crowds and photographers too)
* Bring a hell lot of tire spares (rubbers are never enough, bring new tires if possible)
* Be punctual, don’t miss the Driver’s briefing
* Always wear your helmet when your in action (Full face recommended, makes you cooler)
* Pay attention to the judge
* Turbo or high horsepower cars doesn’t guarantee your victory



Road To Pro Spec Drift Challenge

Road To Pro Spec Drift Challenge from ThresholdCulture on Vimeo.

Bring Back The Touge

Lil Demon | Back In Action



After a depressing few months sitting in the basement, my Lil Demon is finally back in action, as the previous post The Revival the boys at Threshold Garage did open up the work on the diff which was broken for sometime, and also much thanks to Joshua from Pro Spec Drift Club for helping me to sort out some parts for the differential and not to mention help set the LSD back to it’s proper torque, and for that I’m seriously grateful.



Last Sunday I took the car out to Taman Selat for a spin and to my surprise considering the pinion gear in the differential is slightly worn, yet the axle itself isn’t making any sort of humming noise what so ever. So after getting this car for almost a year I finally have the proper chance to put it to some basic drift paces. To my finding the diff and LSD was now working fine and the suspension and footwork was also setup nicely by the previous owner whom is also an old mate of mine which always know what his doing when it comes to KEs’, KPs’.



One thing which I found out and didn’t like was the power output from the engine. The engine wasn’t producing any torque nor power anywhere below the 5k rpm range, and only starts to rev up properly from 5k rpm onwards which kind of make it not that easy to drift specially when your having a low and mid speed course setup, so was always shifting from 2nd to 1st at inner clips and back to 2nd after, and not to mention the use of handbrake for angle corrections and so on. So I guess its time for me to go sort on this issue, maybe a few twitch on the adjustable cam pulleys and distributor might do the trick.

Anyhow will try to do some adjustment on this lagging issue and try again during the next open drift day at Taman Selat, Butterworth.

Taman Selat Open Drift Day



Last Sunday on the 13th of October Taman Selat at Butterworth was open for Drift Practice organize by Pro Spec Drift Club, and as always we when and support and also to have some practice as well. This time instead of using the normal FD or A31 we took the KE70 over instead, this is like the first time ever the car has been tested at Taman Selat, more update on the KE70 on the following post.



It was raining upon arrival and some minor rain is always a pleasant sight to most drifter usually during practice session as it saves a lot of tires and it also make it easier to slide the car around, as a friend once said during the rain even a stock 4k engine feels like a moded 4AGE. The turn up this week was good consider it was raining as even though is fun but most people still don’t like to be under the rain.



All the participants drifted from noon till dusk and everyone was having hypes of fun. The course setup was slightly difference from what we have used to see in the past and set a small challenge to all the drifters, but after a few rounds going around the course all the drifters were getting used to it and slowly connecting the entire course and starting to pull out massive angles as well.



One of our old mate Darren also took his pride Mazda RX7 FC down and started his drifting career, although its just the beginning for him and his still doing the basics, but through time and effort definitely in time he would be a good challenger to the scene. We also ended the day with some nice cool beer and nice chatting session where we all exchange our experiences. Will be looking forward to the next Open Drift Day at Taman Selat.




Old cars are never to be mess with, this KE is packing some power under the hood.



This is one nice shoot taken by one of our mate which is also responsible for taking all the above photos, thanks a lot Ying Kai.

Lil Demon | The Revival



This been like forever since our Lil Demon has been sitting in the basement of Threshold Garage and has almost been forgotten, it’s finally time to get this car back on the road and back into events and competitions as well. First of all we must first sort out the differential which was the main reason why this car has been stuck in the basement for such a long time.



After pushing the car up to the work floor and dismantling the differential we found that the LSD was still in good condition which is a sight of relief to all of us. But that didn’t go to well for the pinion gear and some of the bearings in the differential assembly. Swapping out the current pinion gear for a used stock one isn’t really an option as it’s currently running on a 4.7 ratio which is always worth something.



There were also metal debris left all over inside the differential due to smashed bearings, we till now are still kind of puzzled how did that happen, cause non of us at Threshold Culture nor Threshold Garage was driving the car when that happened. But anyhow we are sure we could resolve this problem and get the car back in running state.



Here’s an overview of the differential assembly, soon the KE70 would be back and tearing some tarmac.

Gymkhana Aftermath


This is another somewhat delayed post due to a series of non stop event for the entire month of September, events has been coming in week after week that sometime we feel like we had barely rested, but its all worth it for the love of the sport and to boost the scene.  Here is a short write up on the aftermath of the previous Auto “X” Gymkhana that was held at Auto City, Juru during 14th and 15th September.



First off, during this Gymkhana event our very own Threshold Culture x Threshold Garage RX7 manage to break it’s engine mount and gearbox mount as well. Engine mount is something that we already know for something that it’s gonna give up soon, but how on earth it manage to break the gearbox mount is still kind of beyond us, maybe due to too much clutch kicking to try to get the car sideways while running semi slicks at the rear.



We also found that the plugs on the 7 was shorting out as well, that’s one of the problem that was causing some lag of smoothness on the engine during Sunday race day as well, but of cause this is never a reason for losing.


Lucky for us one of our old mate’s Darren actually has a few new sets of brand new plugs for rotary engine in spare and it’s always good news as we don’t have to go out sourcing the plugs as most shop here don’t carry such plugs due to the lack of rotaries owners.


The boys at Threshold Garage also did a compression test of the 7 and we also found out that the compression was running slightly low as what it was suppose to be, hopefully the engine would not give up on us as yet. But from our experience we do seen rotary engines running at this compression ratio for years now and still that engine is running fine, so for the mean time our fingers are cross and hope for the best that the engine do hang on as long as it possibly can.

Nigel Petrie | Ute Build

ETS Drift Ute – Rebuild Timelapse from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

ETS Drift Ute – Running from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

Driver’s Blog | Victor Liew


This is something new for me as this is the first time Threshold Culture will be having an individual Driver’s Blog, and this post is also two weeks late as I’ll be talking about Mean Machines and Auto “X” Gymkhana.

This year just like every single year Mean Machines was held at Auto City, Juru without fail, but something that I personally noticed is that this year Mean Machines seem to be not as happening or as crowded as the previous years. It might be due to bad economical times where people are cutting cost and put their car modifying hobby to a halt or the whole concept isn’t that fresh anymore? Or maybe a little bit of both.




This year there was a Gymkhana competition going on as well, and this time Auto “X” Gymkhana was the body involve in organizing the Gymkhana, and I would say this is by far the best and the most fun filled Gymkhana I ever had that was held in Auto City. The organization body was friendly to the competitors, timing systems was accurate, at least I don’t recall anyone complaining bout the timing system, and not to mention the fast course layout (considering the space available).

I’m slightly rusty in writing this post as it’s getting late and it was like two weeks plus back. But here I would like to thank Pro Spec Drift Club for supporting throughout the two days of event and also a personal thanks to Jackson Foo for giving me two tires to play with as well, also another special thanks to Halim for helping me in a lot of things regardless. and too everyone that was there to help with I haven’t mention here, you know who you all are.

Here’s me taking an old friend’s kid of a ride around the Gymkhana course


Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 | YAER Productions

Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 – YAER Productions from Ryan Davis on Vimeo.

Mean Machines x Auto “X” Gymkhana 2013


Mean Machines was held last weekend at Auto City Juru, for this year instead of just the usual auto show, the boys at Auto “X” Gymkhana manage to organize a two days fun filled with non stop Gymkhana and hoonage action. I have to start by apologizing for the lack of nice pics as I myself was busy prepping my car for the Gymkhana event.



I would also like to thank Pro Spec Motorsports Club for their support over the weekend, if not for them I would already be out of the gymkhana event during day 1, and also to Jackson of Auto “X” Gymkhana for giving me two pieces of tires as well. As all Auto “X” Gymkhana goes the course layout was a fast one and hence a lot of sliding action was expected, it was not only fun for me as a driver, I believe the crowds love it as well.



Other then Gymkhana there were also a massive auto show going on as well, where some of them actually takes a whole year prepping their cars just for this day, so you can always expect someone revealing something massive or just pure insane at times, but anyway it’s always entertaining to an extent.



One of the pure insane is just like this Nissan 180sx which is powered by a 13B Rotary, well it may not be that attractive but how often do you get to see someone swapping out a piston motor just to swap in a rotary? From my experience over the years it’s usually the other way around.



This year I think the Hella Flush or Stance Culture has gotten ever popular as we can see more and more cars with this kind of styling, not to mention Rad Style is also slowly picking up as well as a trend and car culture. I personally would like to see more well build cars around as it’s a testament to our Malaysia automotive/ aftermarket scene.